Bell Fountain

String Fountain

Glass Fountain

Frp Fountain & Sculpture

Wall Fountain

A Bell Fountain is a charming water feature seen in parks and public areas. Water flows gracefully from the top, resembling a bell, creating a soothing sight. With simple yet elegant designs, these fountains attract visitors seeking relaxation and beauty in urban settings.

A string fountain is a simple yet captivating water feature where thin streams of water flow from suspended strings, creating a mesmerizing visual display. Found in gardens and urban spaces, it offers an elegant and tranquil atmosphere, drawing viewers to its graceful movement and gentle sound.

A glass fountain is a modern water feature that uses glass in its design. Water flows through or over transparent materials, creating a visually striking effect. Often illuminated with LED lights, these fountains add elegance to outdoor spaces, captivating viewers with their beauty and functionality.

An FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Fountain & Sculpture combines art and water features. These sculptures, made of durable fiberglass, can be found in parks and gardens. They depict various shapes or scenes and often include fountains. Popular for their beauty and refreshing ambiance, they attract visitors of all ages.

A wall fountain is a water feature attached to a wall. It typically includes a basin at the bottom to catch water and a decorative surface where water flows down. Found in gardens and indoors, these fountains add elegance and calmness to any space with their gentle sounds and soothing visual effects.

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